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Online PubQuiz

Corona Proof - English Edition


Corona Proof Online PubQuiz

Compete against each other, at a distance, during a fun pubquiz. Have a nice drink, connect via Microsoft Teams / FaceTime / Skype, etc, start the PubQuiz and score the most points. Are you outsmarting your competitors, even at a distance?


BizonEvents organizes the online PubQuiz, inspired by our joint quest to get and keep more connected, specially during these (Corona) times. DIY stands for Do It YourSelf; we provide various fun, challenging Quiz questions and the App; it’s your job to put together a nice bunch of people!


Specially developed for teams / organizations / companies / departments that are looking for ‘connection’ and fun. A challenging format where you come across different PubQuiz categories, from music to general knowledge questions, from History to die-hard IQ testers …


D.I.Y.? We provide the content of the online PubQuiz categories via a special Game app with online score. All you have to do is start the Pub Quiz via your Ipad / Iphone / tablet. Everything is already set; together with your ‘quizzies’ you are the Quizmasters yourself ;-), that’s all. How simple do you want it to be?


How does it work?

-> Each participant downloads our specially developed PubQuiz Game app

-> Grab a beer, wine, pretzels, nuts, etc.

-> Get online in your own online community (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams)

-> Start the online Pub Quiz via the Game app on your SmartPhone or Tablet (no separate Quizmaster is needed, so you can play it whenever you want!)

-> In the Game app you will find a short explanation about the online PubQuiz, how to answer, score-progress, etc.

-> There are 10 different categories that everyone goes through together at the same time

-> During a short break and after the online Pub Quiz you can see the ranking of all participants online

-> Stay online afterwards, have another drink, you have enough things to talk about 😉


We’ve also got a Dutch Online PubQuiz.


What do we have to do to play?

Send an email to our team. Mention in that email:
-> PubQuiz D.I.Y.
-> your name
-> mobile number
-> date when you want to play the program
-> with how many people you want to participate



As soon as we have received your email, we will start preparing the online PubQuiz especially for you. You can often play the online PubQuiz within one hour!



Price Online PubQuiz DIY

Price € 9.50 per person (minimum 5 participants)


The program includes:
– Use of our special Game app
– Format Online PubQuiz, including manual
– Specially developed DIY PubQuiz assignments
– No special quizmaster is needed to play this format
– Fun
– All of the questions are in English

  • PubQuiz Online Corona Proof (English edition)
€ 9.50 p.p.
Competitief Jong & Oud All-season Indoor Fun Teambuilding
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